Use Content Marketing to Bring Fresh Life to Your Marketing Mix

Posted on Monday, August 24, 2020 07:55 AM

Armstrong Garden Supply was eager to grow name recognition and pump up spring specials. 

Hoping to grow their reputation as a year-round "solutions specialist" for lawn and landscape, they generated a list of common customer questions and set out to proactively answer them. Typically, clients were uncertain about things like when to water, types of fertilizer, pot sizing, and best planting practices. 

Armed with this information, Armstrong's generated an oversized postcard featuring spring specials on one side and a plant care infographic on the other. This brought relevant advice to attract a very engaged target market: customers who were curious!

It's All About THEM

Content marketing can bring fresh life to your business! 

This "you-centered" form of communication shifts your marketing from a message focus to a people focus, building trust and driving profitable consumer action. While social media and videos are popular forms of content marketing, often businesses overlook the opportunity to bring valuable content through print. Want to get started? Consider clever infographics, how-to postcards, or a printed snippet of your blog to lead them online as regular subscribers. 

Or to expand your options, here are five other possibilities:

1. Printed Checklists or Magnets

Checklists are a simple way to tailor content for specific customer groups.

For example, one HVAC specialist provided area homeowners with an efficient tool for making smart decisions about airflow service issues. This seasonal checklist, divided into quarterly task charts, served as a worksheet for customers to stay current on changing filters, cleaning coils, and scheduling maintenance.

Checklists like these can serve as a handy magnet, a tearaway calendar, or a sales folder supplement.

2. Point-of-Purchase Bookmarks or Inserts

Grab-and-go options like bookmarks are easy to include in any envelope, package, or display.

When content is tailored to customer needs, it immediately sparks curiosity, so highlight benefits like savings (of time, money, or hassle) or increases (in health, comfort, or convenience). Customized solutions give people the confidence to try out your business!

3. Magazines

People are naturally image-oriented, and sleek full-color magazines are hard to resist.

If your content is specific enough, you can build a passionate subscription base. Even if you have a core of 200 people, if they are enthusiastic and loyal, they are definitely worth the investment.

4. Booklets

Not ready for an entire magazine?

A booklet is a flexible alternative. People are attracted to content that educates or equips them with a skill, and booklets are a simple way to extend value and practical help. Whether it's financial counseling, vacation planning, home improvement tutorials, or product-focused cookbooks, a booklet might be just the ticket for engaging your audience. 

5. Newsletters

When you want to grow your prospect list or stay connected to your clients, nothing will "glue" customers to your company like a dynamic, consistently mailed newsletter.

Newsletters are fun to read and naturally customer-focused. From a "Did You Know?" educational element to a coupon that offers a legitimate incentive, newsletters build credibility and rapport that will never get lost in their inbox.

Pro-Tip: No matter what kind of print content you use, include a visible invitation that calls them to act as they finish reading. Try phrases like "Activate ____ Today," "Claim Your Discount," or "Call for a Free Estimate!"

Print Builds Long-Lasting Partnerships
Ready to spring ahead with your marketing mix? 

Show customers that their relationship with your business is not merely transactional, but exists as a partnership that extends beyond the sale. Serve them with great content, and they will return the favor with their wallet and their loyalty!