Surprising benefits of using custom floor graphics for your business

Posted on Thursday, January 21, 2021 05:30 AM

Since last year, we are seeing signs almost everywhere. Dining spaces, schools, corporate offices, retail stores, and shopping malls, all are using plenty of options in signs such as decals, wall and window signs, and Floor Graphics to effectively convey the social distancing message during the time of this global pandemic.

However, floor graphics have gained massive popularity during COVID-19. Social distancing floor graphics come in temporary and permanent solutions and are considered to be one of the best options to grab the attention of your audience to your special offers or other marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Floor Graphics for your Business

If you own a business, you should know the benefits these custom floor decals can offer you. Stay tuned to this post as we are going to uncover all the benefits you can reap by using floor graphics.

#1 Attract the attention of customers

The customers get overwhelmed with thousands of marketing messages they go through each day, so the chances are high that your traditional marketing strategies won't help you spread your message.

Since floor graphics are installed in an unexpected spot, they can help grab the attention of customers in the best way possible. With customized graphics, you can make your business stand out from the crowd and send your message to the right audience.

You can make your floor graphics look unique and attractive by using the right colors and custom designs. We would recommend using contrasting colors to make them pop in the crowd and can also choose from a wide range of different shapes for the graphics.

#2 Floor graphics allow you to be creative

If you want to be creative with your advertising strategies, then custom floor graphics are a perfect way to go. They allow you to feature your custom design, images, illustrations, or brand's message. We recommend using vibrant colors and bold fonts for a great impression or going with sophisticated colors and sleek design to create a professional impact. Check out a couple of creative ways to utilize custom floor graphics for the advertising of your business:

  • Amusing messages - If your brand has a funny or amusing personality, you can opt for floor graphic designs that make your audience smile and feel good. It is the best way to impress your customers with your creativity and will notice your message.
  • Way finding floor decals - Is there any better way to help your customers find your store other than placing the way finding floor decals under their feet? These graphics are the best creative way to replace those regular hanging sign boards.
  • Custom flooring design - Do you want to redesign your business space with something eye-catching and creative? Large floor graphics can help you achieve your goals without spending a lot of money on actual floor renovation. You can quickly get the custom flooring graphics designed from a Printing shop to resemble tiles or wood paneling at reasonable costs. If you don't wish to redesign the entire floor, then decorative decals can help add some creative touch to your lobbies or entryways.

#3 Flexible advertising

Supreme quality floor graphics can be installed on almost all kinds of surfaces such as concrete, wood, tiles, laminated floors, etc. You can get custom floor graphics for both indoor and outdoor business advertising.

Since these graphics can be easily installed anywhere, you can use them for temporary advertising such as expos, outdoor events or promote exclusive limited period offers. You can effortlessly remove the graphics once the event or the offer is over. This flexibility is a blessing to your business because it allows you to advertise almost anything, whether it is a 24-hour sale or a festive offer that goes for a month or more.

#4 Cost-effective

Custom floor graphics are a great value for money when it comes to business advertising. They are incredibly cost-effective in comparison to various other signage options. 

Custom floor graphics are an excellent addition to any business space as they empower them to create a powerful brand presence at low expenses. However, it is important that you ensure getting them designed and installed by experts. The team TG Printshop can help you create eye-catching designs to boost your presence and attract more business. Get in touch with our experts to know more about our custom floor graphics printing service.