Contactless Ticketing!

Ability to scan tickets through glass for minimal contact.

Manage your business’ venue capacity with TG Printshop Tickets — our flexible and easy to use admissions management platform.

Creating a successful business is a lot of work with a lot of risks. The last thing you want to worry about is the technical side of how to implement social distancing and make sure you are following government-mandated capacity restrictions. We offer 1 on 1 set-up with a ticketing specialist, ability to customize and brand your ticketing pages, and personalized customer support to ensure your business opens safely...sooner.

Are you re-opening your venue with new physical distancing restrictions? Our clients love our timed entry feature where you can sell an exact number of tickets per time interval to avoid over-crowding. Also, our contactless ticketing feature means you can sell tickets & admit your guest without any chance of virus transmission. In the unfortunate event of a Covid-19 outbreak, rest assured you can quickly email, SMS & call all of your guests.

COVID-19 Ticketing + Admission Features
Timed Entry
Spread out your arrival times and minimize crowding.
Contact Tracing
Easily identify and contact your customers in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.
Contactless Ticket Scanning
Ability to scan tickets through glass for minimal contact.

Core Benefits

No chargebacks Policy

Our Fraud detection systems minimize your risk of chargebacks

PCI Compliant

Credit cards are never stored in our servers

Event/Refund Protection

Integrated Refund Protect, the broadest optional refund protection program, Also we have integrated event cancellation protection through Event Protect .

Admission Support

Need help at the gate? We will there with you!

Mobile Friendly

Sell more ticket, no matter what is your customer is on.

Instant Payout

Payouts (with fees automatically deducted) start processing 4-5 days after the end of an event, and the fastest way to get paid is to set up direct deposit payouts.

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