7 Pro Tips To Consider Before Ordering Custom Printed Promotional Pens

Posted on Tuesday, February 09, 2021 12:32 PM

Pens are one of the most used items in the everyday lives of students and professionals. They are used frequently by homemakers, elderlies, and even company executives. This is why it is always a great idea to use pens as a medium for your business promotions. These are called custom printed promotional pens that contain your company logo, company name, and product name along with other details such as website and email address. This marketing tactic reminds your prospects and customers of your company every time they hold your pen. Moreover, the custom printed pens are considered to be one of the low-cost promotional items, and they make for ideal giveaways for all the big events such as expos, corporate parties, and opening events, etc.

Interestingly, not all promotional pens can help you grab the attention. Certain things can make this marketing strategy work badly. So, how would you figure out what kind of pens to be used as your business promotions? The answer can be tough! So, we are sharing our top 7 tips that will guide you for effective brand marketing with promotional pens.

#1 Quality

Quality is the most crucial thing, and when anything is associated with your brand, it should speak for itself! Your promotional pens will represent your brand, its services, and products, so you must ensure that these are made up with the best technology. 

#2 Choosing the right size

It is crucial to have promotional pens of the right size. No matter what your brand's message is, a pen has a tiny area for it. There are small and slim pens available, but they usually have less printing space, and these are only ideal for short (one line) messages. If your promotional text is longer, you will certainly need to go with wider pens. Similarly, you should decide on the size of the pen according to your custom designing needs.

#3 Colors are the key to effective marketing

Sometimes, a custom print on the promotional pen won't grab the attention you might be expecting. Anyone can use the pen with a standard sleek, see-through barrel and print their message on it. Honestly, these pens will make your business look too ordinary and generic.

We would recommend going for the pens in the colors that match your branding. You must be aware of the red promotional pens of Coca Cola with attractive white prints- this is their marketing strategy to match their brand's look and feel. You can also go for multicolor pen barrels containing all your brand colors. It is also vital to choose the right color for message printing and always ensure that the customers can easily read the text. 

#4 Make your pen look unique

The shape, design, colors, and message are the essential things that will capture the attention of your audience towards your brand and products. If the pen looks like a normal and generic one, then either they won't keep it or won't notice your message, which leads to no business from them.  So, we recommend conducting market research before deciding on your custom printed promotional pens. You can try new techniques, designs, shapes, attractive colors, engravings, or unique kinds of inks to trigger positive customer reactions.

#5 Evergreen promotional message

The pens are meant to be used for a long time, and therefore, you should print an evergreen brand message to attract sales even in the future. 

#6 High-quality logo

Since the promotional pens represent your business, you must use a high-resolution logo. Never hesitate to use a colorful logo that captures all the attention that you desire.

#7 Hire professional printing service

The secret to the best custom printed promotional pens is the professionalism of the Printing shop that you hire. An experienced team will help you with the supreme quality printing that will empower you to achieve your brand's primary goals by using these pens. 

We hope these tips will help you out while planning your promotional pen design. We at TG Printshop can help you print the most attractive pens for your brand. If you need further assistance, talk to our experts.