Creative uses for custom printed magnets

Posted on Tuesday, February 09, 2021 12:30 PM

Are you in search of effective yet affordable ways to promote your brand? If your answer is a "yes," then custom printed Magnets are your best bet to gain your customers' attention. Not only are they ideal for professional usage, but they also fit perfectly to your personal event announcement needs, such as weddings and baby showers.

Whether you need to boost branding or promote upcoming events, magnets will always be a creative choice. Magnets are hard to ignore yet extremely pocket-friendly and will help drive much-needed attention to your campaigns.

Types of custom printed magnets

  1. Custom-printed business card magnets
  2. Postcard magnets
  3. Car magnets
  4. Calendar magnets
  5. Picture frame magnets

If you are willing to opt for magnets for your next promotional campaigns, take a glance at these creative ways to use them effectively:

Creative uses for business card magnets

They are ideal for placing on refrigerators, magnetic display boards, or various other types of metal-based surfaces. These types of magnetic business cards are designed specifically for indoor usage.

  • On-demand delivery services

The magnetic business cards for on-demand delivery services are an effective way to remind the customers about your services, especially if they put them on their kitchen cabinets or fridge.

  • Real estate agency advertisement

Business card magnets are an appealing way to promote your business. Fridge magnets can be handy in every home, but sadly, they are underrated, and people hardly buy the magnets on their own. So if you hand over the business card magnets, they are more likely to make their way to your prospects' refrigerator, which can be beneficial for your business in the future.

  • Mechanic information

Anyone who owns a vehicle is likely to need the services of mechanics every now and then. So, you can opt for printing a business card on a magnet and let these magnets remind the prospects of your services.  

Creative uses for postcard magnets

The postcard magnets are available in different sizes and the usual formats- square, landscape, and portrait.

  • Wedding or engagement announcements

These are also known as save the date cards, and by using save the date magnet postcards, you can easily remind your loved ones about your special day.

  • Picture frame postcard magnets

If you are a brand, you can please your prospects with the postcards they can use to display their family pictures, while the logo on these postcard magnets will always remind them of your valuable services.

  • Calendar postcard magnets

Postcard sized calendars are the best ways for your recipients to have a look at the year-long calendar at one single display without having to flip through the multiple pages while putting your brand's message effectively in front of them.

  • Opening event announcement

If you are opening a new venture, postcard-sized displays will make for the right choice to let your prospects know about it.

Creative uses for vehicle magnets

Vehicle magnets are a perfect choice for effective advertising on-the-go. The Digital printing service providers offer high-quality car magnets in different shapes and sizes. These car magnets are available in full-color options and help take your advertising game to the next level. Take a look at these unique ways to promote your business using car magnets:

  • Political campaigns

Vehicle magnets always manage to get attention when it comes to political campaigns. Custom magnets are easy, quick, and one of the most affordable options to gain maximum visibility.

  • Clearance sale announcement

What better than vehicle magnets can help spread the word about your upcoming seasonal sale!

  • Food delivery advertisement

Vehicle magnets help remind your customers of your food delivery service.

The ways to be creative with printed magnets are endless, and all you need is a professional digital printing service that can understand all your requirements. We at TG Printshop assist you with custom printed magnets for your professional and personal events and at reasonable prices. Connect with us to know more!