Kraft Greeting Card 18pt Kraft Board

Kraft Greeting Card 18pt Kraft Board



Kraft greeting cards are printed on high quality kraft cardstock that’s 100% recyclable. Printing on kraft paper can make even the most generic greeting card look unique.

18pt Kraft Board

Kraft paper texture is coarse and uncoated. This brown kraft stock is both recycled and recyclable, making kraft paper greeting cards an environmentally friendly purchase.

Kraft Paper Printing

Despite the roughness of the stock, printing on kraft paper still produces good coverage. We recommend using dark colors so that it creates a strong contrast on the kraft greeting card.
White ink printing on kraft paper is coming soon.

Unique Kraft Greeting Cards

You’ll notice the unique pattern of pulp of custom printed kraft paper. This makes kraft paper greeting cards a hit among hip independent shops and cafes that love the rustic, natural feel.


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