24pt Display Board 24pt Gloss C2S

24pt Display Board 24pt Gloss C2S

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Display Board 24PT
Paper Type : 24pt Gloss C2S Stock
Coating : No Coating
Color : Full color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0), 2 sided (4/4)
Quantities : Ranges from 1 to 200
Sizes :
6"x24" 6"x32" 6"x36" 12"x12" 12"x16" 12"x18" 12"x24" 12"x36" 12"x48" 18"x24" 24"x24" 24"x32" 24"x36" 24"x48" 32"x48" 36"x36" 36"x48" 48"x48"  
Finishing : Cut to size. Grommets are optional.
File Type : Print Ready PDF file

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