Pearl Greeting Cards Pearlescents 110lb

Pearl Greeting Cards Pearlescents 110lb



Pearl greeting cards stand out from other greeting cards because of the beautiful shimmer paper stock. They help any print provider take their custom greeting card printing selection to the next level.

Pearlescents 110lb

Each pearlescent card is infused with metallic pearl fibers so that they can’t be rubbed off. The pearlescents also create a soft texture not found on our other stocks.

Pearlescent Paper Printing

Our pearlescent card wholelsale printing ensures that the irredescent quality of the paper shines through without losing the look of the printed artwork.

Shimmering Pearl Greeting Cards

Pearl greeting cards shimmer subtly when the pearlescent fibers catch the light at various angles. Pearlescent paper printing is sure to help your clients’ custom greeting cards stand out from the rest.


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